Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cotton bag for kids

Custom made order for kids

Status: SOLD

Monday, December 13, 2010

Updates: New felt price soon

Dear all, I have an announcement to make today. My felt supply selling price is going to increase effectively from 1 January 2011. The newly revised price will be RM 1.70 per piece*.

* This will be the selling price for incoming stock for A4 size.

The increment is due to China manufacturers are running out of cotton for this winter, therefore my supplier had informed me that the incoming batch will be slightly expensive, and hopefully the price will come down when spring comes.

For those who wish to order the felt supply with RM 1.50 per piece,  please do it faster while my stock last.

Click here to view the color template and click here to place your order. 

Thanks for subscribing!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Sorry guys, I was not able to come up with the sales kits as me and all my 3 kids have fall sick after my previous post. Everyday busy comforting them (they are more fussy than normal days) especially the new born, she is the worst. She has a bad nose block that always makes her feel uncomfortable. I had the same problem too! Both of us have been sick for more than 2 weeks now, and sad to say there still no sign that getting better each day. Most probably this is caused by lack of rest and always stay late to baby sit the new born who can't sleep well at night. Really wish both of us have speeding recovery...

Anyway, manage to make few pages of quiet book during these 2 weeks. Here show you some of the cutting.
I will turn them into tutorial and if anyone interested, please drop me a message here.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Updates: Back to service!

One month confinement is going to end in few more days! Now I am warming up my engine and shall resume my service immediately once after my daughter's full moon celebration.

During confinement I had received a lot of request but sadly I can't close their orders as they need the order soon. Maybe Christmas is approaching and everyone might busy making Christmas present for their love ones, therefore their cant for me to resume by end of November. Luckily they are quite understanding and hope to keep in touch with them again in future.

So now I am ready to announce that I AM BACK!!! ^^

Will have a Christmas sales for this coming 10 days! See my next post for details ya!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Updates: new era for my felt craft career

This is great news to me and I hope you can share my happiness as well! After a year managing my 2 blogs (pattecraft and handcrafttutorial), I am moving forward for my felt online business using e-commerce! Haha, going pro from this point onwards! Feel exciting that I am a REAL BOSS now... haha...

Starting one business is not easy, anyway I have a very supportive husband that willing to "train" me. :) He has been running his own business for more than 10 years, therefore he should be a perfect FOC mentor to me right? Hehe...

Well, I will keep on sharing my website development here. If you wish to share your experiences, you are welcome to leave your comments.


Let's begin with buying a name for my website.

First, I list out some preferred names and I check the availability here. Since Pattecraft is still available, therefore I register this domain name via Dpeers Technology (hosting provider).

Secondly, look for an e-commerce website that suits my requirements.

There are few ways to do so. Either you get someone to develop your website from scratch, or you can get a readymade template from OSStudio. Readymade template might save you lots of time but it might not suit to your need. Custom made template will fit to your feet but you need to pay more, so work within your budget! For me, I choose an easy way, I bought myself a template. Overall, I had spent about 800 Ringgit as a start.

Next, products planning. I will share some of my experiences later! Catch up with you!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Updates: A Gift From Heaven

I am proud to introduce my baby girl born on 26 October 2010, 3.15kg.

Patte Craft

Thanks for all the wishes and your support!

I will be back after my confinement :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Away for maternity

After a long wait, now after 36 weeks of pregnancy and I might go for my maternity any time. Just in case I did not reply you, please be patient, I shall get back to you soon~ :)

For felt order, if you do not mind to wait, I shall continue taking orders but the parcels will only to be deliver in December 2010.

Gosh, a bit nervous now although this is not my first delivery! Indeed, this will be my third experience. To me, it always differ each time, every delivery is so unique and so special... :)

Imagine copied from:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Custom Made Santa Hats

Still remember my Santa Hats order? Well, after 3 days working on it (after my kids went to bed), finally I have completed all 125 hats! A clap for myself (haha...)

First batch sent to Cass
I had sent the first batch to Cass last Monday and she had put the hats on her fuzzies! Cilck here to purchase if you interested!

This week I will send her the final batches and hope her sells get better everyday ^^

Second batch to be deliver
If you wish to have some of these Santa hats for as ornament for your Christmas tree, just drop my a message here, I will get back to you soon!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Birthday cake for my daughter

17 September 2010 was my daughter's 3 years old birthday.

With less than 24 hours in total, I manage to complete part of my birthday fruit cake design before her birthday. Will try to finish the other details such as creamer and chocolate roll soon ^^

Hope you like my play food birthday cake ^^

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mini Santa Hat from Prototype to Samples

It was a challenge to me at first when Cass told me that she was looking for 1cm or 2cm width Santa hat. I had tried several ways to get it right and I had even browse through many websites looking for good tutorials.

Well, after several hours surfing online I only realized it was not easy to get a suitable tutorial that suits our need. Therefore, at the end I decided to draw my own template to get the right size.

You can see my progress and improvement from Santa hat No.1 to Santa hat No.6. Finally get I manage to get the right measurement and now looks more reality than my earlier prototype, don't you agree with me? hehe...

Anyone who interested with my mini Santa hat? Feel free to drop me a message.

Mini Santa Hat Order

Cass left me an email looking for mini size Santa hat for her fuzzie. After some discussion with her to get more ideas, this is the demo that I created last night. Hopefully she likes it!

The size is approximately 2cm x 2.5cm. Anyone who also interested with my mini Santa hat, please drop me an order form, will get back to you soon~

Oh yes! Forgot to mention, the hat is RM0.60 per piece with minimum order is 10 hats.

Happy holiday to Malaysian!


I won the give away from Bluezcrazy!

Well, this was not a very recent news but I still need to upload and share with you guys!

I won the give away from Bluezcrazy!

Thanks Bluezcrazy and I love your coasters very much! They are at my office now and I am using them every day~

Friday, August 13, 2010

Felt Breakfast Set Bookmark

How long you never heard about bookmark? Haha... it has been ages to me actually since I started online reading.

Wanted to make something more interesting for my craft store and got this idea from etsy where most of the people make them as brooch, key chain, play food etc.

Well, here you go, here is the mini felt breakfast set bookmark, is a good idea for gift right?

Price: RM 8.90 (one set)
Size: bacon (9.5 cm X 3.5 cm); egg (6.0 cm X 7.5 cm)
Status: available

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Number Stamp Felt Card Holder

Price: RM 6.90
Size: 9.5 cm X 6.4 cm

Felt:  Will be a combination of light and darker color depends on design.

Feature: Nice to fit in 2-3 credit card.

Green front with white color number stamp
Price: RM 6.90
Status: available
Orange cover, grey inner and white number stamp
Price: RM 6.90
Status: available
If you interested to buy this, or wish to have other colors and numbers, please leave me a message here!

Apple Worm Felt Card Holder

Price: RM 6.90

Size: 9.5 cm X 6.4 cm

Felt: Red apple with a little worm crawling, White background, Red inner color.

Feature: Nice to fit in 2-3 credit card.

Price: RM 6.90
Status: available

If you interested to buy this, or wish to have other colors, please leave me a message here!

Loves Card Holder

Price: RM 6.90

Size: 9.5 cm X 6.4 cm

Felt: Red color love shapes with Bright Green background. Inner is in White color.

Feature: Nice to fit in 2-3 credit card.

Price: RM 6.90
Status: available

If you interested to buy this, or wish to have other colors, please leave me a message here!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Give away from Bluezcrazy

There is a give away from Bluezcrazy for her first anniversary, so go there and found out more yeah!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yellow Elephant Card Holder

Price: RM 6.90 (SOLD to linkianon)

Size: 9.5 cm X 6.4 cm

Felt: Bright Orange color elephant design with Grey background. Inner is red.

Feature: Nice to fit in 2-3 ATM card.

If you interested to buy this, or wish to have other colors, please leave me a message here!

Joggle eyes

Bring your own creations to life with these plastic moving eyes with a flat back for gluing.


7 pairs of 5mm - RM 1.00
6 pairs of 6mm - RM 1.00

if anyone still interested, you can pre-order, drop me a message for details.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spiral Card Holder

Price: RM 6.90
Size: 9.5 cm X 6.4 cm
Felt: Bright Orange color with Grey background.
Feature: Nice to fit in a name card.

If you interested to buy this, or wish to have other colors, please leave me a message here!

Price: RM 6.90
Status: available

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hidden Rainbow Needle book

Hi hi, today I'm launching my mini size 'Hidden Rainbow' needle book. The size of the mini needle book is approximately 5cm x 5 cm and it contains 5 rainbow color pages.

It is small enough for you to keep your needles and bring along with you at all time.

Price: RM 3.90 per needle book

Status: A - available; B - available

If you wish to have a customized needle book, please drop me an email.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Magnet for sales

Anyone looking for plain magnet supply for handcrafts?

Good news for you here! I have 4 sizes of magnet for sales, please write to me for details.

The approximately size and the price for every 10 pieces as bellow:

5 cent - RM 2.50

10 cent - RM 3.50 (out of stock)

20 cent - RM 4.50

50 cent - RM 5.50

Monday, May 31, 2010

Felt chess set with colors - follow up

Still remember few months back I had share my felt chess set with colors?

Since after posting that sharing, I did few more changes on the chess to make them look better. Wow, they took me so long to complete them and I really had to motivate myself to keep on re-doing them until I get something more presentable that I think is fine to sell to customer.

I started with the design without cotton, then tried again with the cotton...

The third version I had was 3 layers felt with running stitches, the output really disappointing...

The fourth version I did was removed all my previous stitches and re-sew them with blanket stitch, finally they looks more 3D and easier to play with.

Let's look at the final version of the chess set and I really hope you like them ^^

Here is the close up picture:

A small little pocket to keep the chess and can be folded like a wallet and is very convenient for you to carry :)

100% hand sew in smoke free environment.

Price: RM 100.00

Monday, May 24, 2010

Custome Made Iphone Pouch

After my first iPhone pouch being sold,
I had custome made another 2 iPhone pouches.

No apple design but a simple pocket with names on top.
Grace is the owner for the black pouch.
She is a good cross stitch crafter.
Below is one of her stitch art

Click here to view more her artwork.

Colorful Felt Coaster

You must be wondering where am I after disappearing for some time right?

Well, I still do some handcrafts but just did not post them up here. I was having terrible morning sickness whole day long for the past few months and thanks god that I am getting better now.

Today I would like to share with you a coaster that I had made some time ago as my colleague's birthday present.

The diameters is approximately 4 inches, with 4 layers of felt. Will make other colors for sales in near future. So do visit my blog more often if you looking for one too! Email me if you wanna place an order :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Custome Made Iphone Pouch

Order from a colleague for her close friend. Hope the receiver would like it ^^

This is a 100% hand sew iphone pouch. If you would like to have it as well, please leave me a message, I will plan my time to make it again. It is fun to sew the apple! This pouch is just nice to fit in your iphone or itouch.

The price is RM55 with a pocket attach to keep your earphone. Plus RM5 to have your name sew at the back of the pouch.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

update: New Felt Color Template

After waiting for a month, my new felt color supply still haven arrive as promised. Therefore, for March and April 2010, I shall continue with my old stock colors. While waiting for new stocks, I had created a new color template with descriptions, hope this new template (March/April 2010 template)will make your life easier. ^^

一个月的漫长等待,新一批的不织布还是没有任何的消息, 所以三月和四月我还是只能买原有的货色。 在等待的当儿, 我给大家准备了新的色盘注解, 希望可以方便你们确认颜色。

Monday, February 22, 2010

Update: Back on track

Well, time flies and tonight ended my lovely baby sitting long holiday. Tomorrow, I have to back to my office and start my heavy duty workload 'war'... Hm, start missing my babies now :(

After work I planned to drop by my supplier's place to check out the new stock, *cross my finger* hopefully the new stocks have arrived as promised ^^

Do visit this blog again and check out my latest felt template ^^ hope to hear from you soon!

漫长的新年假期终于结束了, 明天将回到我那工作战场, 我现在已经开始想念我的那两个宝贝蛋了!明天下班后会去看看我的不织布新货, 希望他们能如期的运送过来。 有空就过来看看我的部落格, 也尽情留意我最新的不织布颜色表哦!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Notice (for Chinese New Year)

I will away for a vacation from 9 February to 21 February 2010. I am revising my felt color template and there will be new colors in the coming new stocks! Please come again and visit my blog after Chinese New Year.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Note: for old stocks, if you still interested to place order, please drop me an order form. All order send in during 9 February to 21 February 2010 will be reviewed and process after 21 February 2010. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Felt chess set with colors

Still remember some time ago I made a chess set? It was very dull and boring too! Joanne invited me to re-do the chess and I had made some test sample. Looks like I am having a great move for it!

Added some cotton so now is easier to pick up compare to first design
What do you think?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chinese New Year Felt Sale!!

Chinese new year is around the corner and I have decided to offer my felt for all my readers in Malaysia^^

30 pieces of felt* including postage** only RM55!

Quick! Place your order now and the closing date is 20 Jan 2010 midnight. Don't miss it!

*   Felt colors can choose from provided template (except E1 out of stock). Combination are allowed as long as it make up to 30 pieces.
** Within Malaysia only. For Pos Laju, extra RM4.50 is charged, please state for this service.

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Felt supply 不织布出售

After seeing so many felt handcraft and you wish to make some for yourself and friends but do not know where to get the felt supply?!

I'm please to announce that I'm providing this service.^^

Measurement: approximately 9" x 12"

Price: RM1.70 per piece (0.56 USD)

Minimum order is 5 pieces of felt and you can click here for the color template.

When you place the order, please indicate the number of pieces for each felt color.

看了那么多的不织布手工和教程, 是不是也引起你的兴趣想给自己或朋友做一个? 是不是不知道要到那里购买不织布呢? 呵呵, 这一回你们不用再烦恼啦!! 从今天开始我就提供不织布销售服务, 解决你的烦恼:)

尺寸: 大约 9 X 12 寸

价钱: 一张 RM1.70 (0.56美金)

每次定购最少5 张, 订购时请清楚地例出购买的颜色和张数


Please place your order here. Shipping method please see here.